I have joined a school that uses Smart Revise – how do I gain access?

I have joined a school that uses Smart Revise – how do I gain access?

For data protection and safeguarding reasons, the process of transferring Smart Revise access from one teacher account to another should be carried out between teachers themselves wherever possible – having us intervene should only ever be a last resort.

However, if you are in a new role and your predecessor has already moved on, don't worry – we can help.

First you'll need to register for a Smart Revise teacher account by visitng smartrevise.online and clicking Sign up as a teacher. You will also need to verify your email address by clicking the link in the welcome email you receive.

We cannot set up a new account for you because you need to confirm you agree to the Smart Revise terms and conditions when a new account is created.

Once you have registered your account and verified your email address, you will then need to send to us an official request on your school's headed paper by email (this can be a PDF if your school uses electronic documents or a photograph) to admin@craigndave.co.uk. Your request must include:
  1. your predecessor's name;
  2. the email address they used to register their Smart Revise account (you should be able to get this from your IT services);
  3. your name;
  4. the email address you used to register your Smart Revise account;
  5. a senior leader's signature;
  6. the position of the senior leader in the school. E.g. Assistant Headteacher.
Please note: To guarantee the safety of students using Smart Revise, we cannot assist with the transfer of classes to a teacher account that is registered to an unverified email address, a personal email address or any other email address that does not belong to your school domain.

Alternatively, if you are leaving your current role and want to transfer Smart Revise to a new teacher, please view the following helpdesk article:

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