Why Quiz asks you to slow down

Why Quiz asks you to slow down

If you answer questions too quickly in Quiz it will ask you to slow down.

We understand that this can be frustrating for students, especially when you have used Smart Revise for a long period of time and know the answers. There is a desire to get through the questions as quickly as possible. There are four reasons why the slow down feature exists.

1. Smart Revise is trying to prepare students for examinations by encouraging the most useful behaviours. In examinations you are encouraged to take your time, even when you know the answers. Smart Revise would not be preparing students correctly if it allowed them to go through questions quickly.

2. There is an increased risk that a student might get a question wrong because they assumed the correct answer without reading the question and possible answers carefully enough. There are lots of questions where the answers look similar, but there are subtle differences to consider. For example:
State the expression for calculating the required capacity for four 800KiB files.
Answers may include:
4 * 800
4 ** 800
4 + 800
4 % 800
At a quick glance it would be too easy to select the incorrect answer. Especially given that the possible answers appear in a random order. Many of the incorrect "distractor" answers are the correct answer for another question to test student understanding.

3. If accidental mistakes are made this will make the analytic reports less accurate and less useful for teachers. There are reports that help teachers spot misconceptions.

4. It helps to prevent bots that have the tendency to attempt to answer questions in quick succession. Note, please don't attempt to write answering bots as we have many algorithms to detect them. It is a breach of our terms and conditions.

We appreciate that the slow down message can be annoying, but we implemented it for very good pedagogical reasons.

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