Who narrates the videos?

Who narrates the videos?

Probably our most frequently asked question!
  1. OCR GCSE J276 videos are narrated by Dave
  2. OCR GCSE J277 videos are narrated by Craig
  3. AQA GCSE 8520 videos are narrated by Craig
  4. AQA GCSE 8525 videos are narrated by Craig
  5. Edexcel GCSE 1CP2 videos are narrated by Craig
  6. AQA A level 7516 & 7517 videos are narrated by Craig
  7. OCR A level H046 & H446 videos are narrated by both Craig and Dave
  8. Remastered OCR A level videos are narrated by Craig
  9. IGCSE videos (not available yet) are narrated by Dave
Looks like Dave doesn't do very much doesn't it! Dave is usually very busy behind the scenes making resources and adding content to the website. He makes all the programming materials, TIME, Telium and Defold, plus many of the classroom workbooks and exercises.
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