Who narrates the videos?

Who narrates the videos?

Probably our most frequently asked question!
Craig narrates our flipped classroom videos. Dave makes TIME 2 CODE plus many of the classroom workbooks and exercises.
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    • About our videos

      Where can I find your videos? The videos are hosted on YouTube and available to stream online via our student website. Whenever we update a video on YouTube, the link changes – for that reason, we recommend linking to the videos on our student site, ...
    • Do you have a list of URLs for your YouTube videos?

      Flipped classroom videos & Smart Revise references For linking to our flipped classroom theory videos, we strongly encourage you to use the URLs of the pages on our video index site: https://student.craigndave.org This will ensure you are always ...
    • What are all these YouTube links about when I get a question wrong?

      Revision made easy... Every question we ask you in Smart Revise directly comes from a specification point from an Exam board. Craig 'n' Dave have videos on their YouTube channel which cover every single specification point. When you get a question ...
    • How do I purchase your classroom resources?

      If you would like to buy a Craig 'n' Dave 12-month membership, please go to shop.craigndave.org. A range of other Craig ‘n’ Dave products are also available to purchase from our shop, including our: YouTube videos on a USB drive Computer Science ...
    • Do you have a letter we can provide parents in regards to purchasing Smart Revise?

      Yes we do! It is supplied in Microsoft Word format, so feel free to edit it to meet your needs, but it should provide a starting point if you are looking to supply a letter to parents.