What is Cloudflare?

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a layer of software that identifies and protects Smart Revise from malicious attacks like DDoS.

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    • Whitelisting Smart Revise

      If you need to update your firewall to allow access to the Smart Revise website, please add the following domains. smartrevise.online *.smartrevise.online (currently the following subdomains in use are "www" and "cdn1" but this may vary over time.) ...
    • Try Smart Revise for free

      Smart Revise teacher accounts are free. Student accounts have access to some free topics in each course. So you don't need to contact us to arrange a trial, you can set up accounts and start using Smart Revise yourself now. We recommend teachers and ...
    • AI marking in Smart Revise

      Our model Smart Revise AI marking uses an adapted large language model provided by OpenAI that is fine tuned to the Smart Revise context. Data protection No personal data is sent to OpenAI. We only send the question, meta data about the question to ...
    • Is Smart Revise included with a Craig 'n' Dave membership?

      No, Smart Revise is not included with a Craig 'n' Dave membership. Smart Revise has significantly more overheads in terms of hosting and development. We cannot afford to include it in a membership unfortunately.
    • What devices can I access Smart Revise on?

      Smart Revise works on any internet connected device: desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. It is ideal for students to engage with anytime, anywhere. At home, at school, or whilst waiting for a bus!