What are the benefits of a Craig 'n' Dave membership?

What are the benefits of a Craig 'n' Dave membership?

It may sound too good to be true for the price, but a Craig 'n' Dave membership really does include everything you need to teach the following Computer Science courses:
  1. OCR GCSE (J276/J277)
  2. AQA GCSE (8520/8525)
  4. OCR AS/A Level (H406/H446)
  5. AQA AS/A Level (7516/7517)
And when we say everything, we mean everything.
Our resources have been designed from the ground up to provide you with all the materials you need to teach GCSE and A Level Computer Science from beginning to end.

We’ve even provided a term-by-term and lesson-be-lesson Scheme of Learning and delivery calendar, so you don’t even need to do any planning – you can just teach.

You can find more detailed information about the resources available to Craig 'n' Dave members by heading to craigndave.org, scrolling down and clicking on your chosen course.

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    • How much does a Craig 'n' Dave membership cost?

      A standalone Craig 'n' Dave 12-month membership costs £179 plus VAT. We also offer a bundle of a Craig 'n' Dave 12-month membership and 12 months' access to Paul Long's The Ultimate GCSE Resources for £262.40 plus VAT, a 20% discount off the combined ...
    • Is Smart Revise included with a Craig 'n' Dave membership?

      Smart Revise is totally separate from our membership resources and, as such, access to Smart Revise is not included with a Craig 'n' Dave membership. We have a dedicated section of the helpdesk with articles to answer any questions you might have ...
    • Do you offer a free trial membership?

      Due to the way we deliver our resources, we are not able to provide trial access to the Craig 'n' Dave members' area. If we did, trial users would be able to log in and download our entire library of resources within minutes – we're sure you can ...
    • I’ve purchased a Craig 'n' Dave membership – how do I log in?

      Once you have placed your membership order, you don’t need to do anything else. We will create a member account for you and send you your login credentials via email as soon as possible. Although Craig ‘n’ Dave is growing in leaps and bounds thanks ...
    • I’m a parent – can I purchase a Craig 'n' Dave membership for my child?

      Our resources are very much designed to be delivered by a teacher in the classroom, so a student using them individually at home wouldn’t really be able to make the most of them. As such, we don’t offer private memberships for students or parents. ...