Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

See our handy quick start guide below.
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    • How do students start a task?

      Once a task has been created and set, students will see "Your tasks" at the top of their selected course page. Waiting for will tell the student what stage the task is at. You to Start You to complete You to mark (if enabled) Peer to Mark (if ...
    • Editing a task

      Editing a task is simple. Firstly, go to: The course The class Tasks Then find the task you wish to change and click Edit. Here you will be able to change: Task name Notes Marking mode Availability (start date, deadline) Tags
    • Deleting a task

      Deleting a task is easy. To start, go to: The course The class The task Once you have found the task you wish to delete, click Edit and Delete task. This will permanently delete your task and any submissions. This action cannot be undone.
    • How can I see which students have used my voucher codes?

      Select the drop down icon in the top right hand corner of the screen and choose "My Vouchers". Here you will see all the vouchers you have purchased for your various courses along with how many are still to be claimed by students. The vouchers ...
    • Teacher mark book

      To view your mark book, log into your teacher account, then navigate to: The course The class Tasks Then click the button labelled Mark book. On the next screen, you will see a list of students, their average score percentage and their individual ...