Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

See our handy quick start guide below.
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    • How do students start a task?

      Once a task has been created and set, students will see "Your tasks" at the top of their selected course page. If the icon is red this means there is an outstanding task to be completed. To view the task click the expand box:  There are different ...
    • Adding a Tag to your Task

      If you want to add a tag to your task you can do so when: Creating a new task Editing an existing task Simply click the links above to view the guide.
    • Is Smart Revise included with a Craig 'n' Dave membership?

      Smart Revise is totally separate from our membership resources and, as such, access to Smart Revise is not included with a Craig 'n' Dave membership. We have a dedicated section of the helpdesk with articles to answer any questions you might have ...
    • Edit a Task

      Editing a task is simple. Firstly, go to: The course The class Tasks Then click EDIT on the task you need to edit. Here you'll be able to change: The task name The task notes The task Tags Task Availability (start and deadline) To add a tag: Click ...
    • How can I see which students have used my voucher codes?

      Select the drop down icon in the top right hand corner of the screen and choose "My Vouchers". Here you will see all the vouchers you have purchased for your various courses along with how many are still to be claimed by students. The vouchers ...