About our videos

About our videos

Where can I find your videos?
The videos are hosted on YouTube and available to stream online via our student website
Whenever we update a video on YouTube, the link changes  for that reason, we recommend linking to the videos on our student site, which have static links.

Our videos are also available on the ClickView platform for subscribing schools.

How should I use your vidoes?
With our pedagogy we recommend that your students watch specific Craig ‘n’ Dave videos at certain points in the course to prepare them for the next part. Usually, this would be before a lesson for homework in preparation for the next lesson. To get the most out of the videos, we suggest students use the Cornell method of note-taking using our Cornell notebooks.

Do your videos cover the entire course in enough detail?
Yes. You could completely remove the chalk-and-talk aspect of your lesson if you wanted to, as our videos are specifically produced to cover every bullet point of the exam board specification. Of course, in-class activities should be used to supplement them, and we provide plenty of these for Craig 'n' Dave members.

Do I need to show your videos to my students in the classroom? 
If you’re following our flipped classroom approach, no – the videos are intended to be viewed by students as homework tasks outside of school hours. Alternatively, if you are using our resources as part of a more traditional approach to teaching, you may want to show our videos to your students in the classroom.  

I cannot access YouTube at my school – can I download the videos from your website? 
No. Craig 'n' Dave owns the copyright to the videos and they cannot be downloaded or ripped from YouTube.

Can I host your videos on Microsoft Stream or another video sharing platform for my class?
No. We do not permit hosting our videos on other platforms. When viewing them on YouTube we can benefit from Google algorithms and "impressions". We lose valuable data if students access them from elsewhere. To compensate for that we also sell them on a USB drive, but they can only be hosted on your school internal learning platform or a private shared network drive. Note access to view our videos must always be behind a login if you are not accessing them through our YouTube channel.

Due to file size limits, we are not able to host local copies of the videos on our website. However, we appreciate that some school networks do not permit access to YouTube – that is why local copies of our videos on USB drives are available to purchase through our online shop

How much do the USB drives cost? 
USB drives for our GCSE courses are £49. A level courses are £79. If you need local copies of videos for both a GCSE and an A Level course, you can purchase a bundle for the discounted price of £109. 

Purchasing a USB drive also includes a lifetime, site-wide licence to host the videos included on your intranet or internal learning platform, providing access is password-protected and only available to students at your school (not across a multi-academy trust). It does not grant you a free upgrade when new videos are released.

Why do I have to pay for something that is available elsewhere for free? 
Our videos are not factored into the cost of a Craig'n'Dave membership, as they are provided free of charge through the YouTube platform.

When viewing our videos on YouTube, we benefit from Google algorithms promoting our resources and content, plus the use of cards and end-screens to make students and teachers aware of our other products. Providing local copies of our videos on a USB drive means we generate less of this valuable data.

So, in essence, by purchasing our videos on a USB drive, you are paying for two things: 
● A lifetime, site-wide licence to host our videos locally on your password-protected intranet or internal learning platform.
● A portion of the cost impact associated with our loss of YouTube/Google data.

I have another question 
If you have any other questions about our resources, including our Smart Revise revision tool and course companion, please visit our FAQ page or contact us at admin@craigndave.co.uk
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