How do I buy revision course packs for my students?

How do I buy revision course packs for my students?

Please note: We cannot process purchase orders we receive via email. Orders must be placed through the class teacher's Smart Revise account. The course vouchers will then be applied to that account, enabling the class teacher to allocate the vouchers to their students.

Start by logging into your Smart Revise account and selecting one of the available courses from your home screen. If you have not yet added a course, click Add new course.

On the next screen, click Buy course vouchers.

Then choose the correct course and examination series from the drop-down menu and input the number of vouchers you require.

If you need to order vouchers for another course at the same time, please do not place multiple orders. Instead, click Add another item and repeat the above stepsThis will ensure that you receive the best-possible bulk discount. (Note: Bulk discounts are applied to orders of 30+ course vouchers.)

Once you have selected the course vouchers you need, scroll down and select your payment method, then enter your purchase order number or card reference. If you are paying by card, your card details will be collected on the next screen.

Next, please input your institution details and a contact email address for your finance department. This can be a specific member of the team or a department-wide inbox.

Note: We cannot process orders without a valid purchase order number and finance contact. Inputting the teacher's email address as the finance contact will not be accepted. If we do not have the information we need to process your order, we will contact you to obtain these details before fulfilling your order.

Click Go to checkout and confirm your order details on the next screen. If you are paying by card, you will also be asked to enter your card details. When you are ready, click Submit order to finalise your order.

If you are paying with a purchase order, the order will first come through to us so we can verify the details. If any of the required information is missing, we will need to contact you before your order can be fulfilled. Once your order is complete, the vouchers will be added to your account and we will forward an invoice to the specified finance contact as soon as possible.

If you have paid by credit/debit card, your course vouchers will be added to your Smart Revise account instantly. We will forward a VAT invoice to the specified finance contact as soon as possible.

If you require any help with your order, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at

Once you have purchased vouchers, you will need to allocate them to your students.

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